About Me

If you know me, you know that I’m constantly hungry. Not in the starving, malnourished, penniless type of hungry; I eat regular meals and plenty of snacks, especially since I do some sort of physical activity every day. I get so hungry that, when I go out at night, I pack an apple, some nuts, and probably some sort of bar in my purse for those 11PM hunger pangs.

Growing up in Boulder, my family always ate healthful, well-thought out meals. But there’s always room for improvement, as evidenced by my constant hunger. In high school, I figured out that if I ate real, whole foods – whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats – I might not be so hungry! High school is when I developed an interest in nutrition, and ever since, I’ve been striving to live my life by the mantra “food for fuel.” I try to make (almost) everything I eat functional – to give me energy to make it through class, a workout, or an errand. I named my blog Three Apples a Day because in college, and often now, I would eat (you guessed it) three apples a day. I sincerely believe in snacking on whole, healthy foods all day, and apples kept my hunger at bay during even 50 minute classes.

At USC, I graduated with a degree in Neuroscience, but I supplemented those classes with plenty of nutrition and food science courses. And that’s when my real passion for food and nutrition evolved. I read so many nutrition magazines and articles that during any discussion, I could lend a “fun fact” regarding nutrition. My friends compared my obsession with nutrition to Ross from Friends’ obsession with dinosaurs: no one really cared about the riveting nutrition studies I found so interesting. Despite their teasing, I am now pursuing a career in nutrition: I’m currently applying to Public Health schools to get my Masters with plans to get my RD after that.

For now, I’m living and working in Boulder – a great place to explore and write about nutrition. I’m a Whole Foods fanatic, and I’m loyal to a few other local places (Pekoe, Great Harvest, and Sushi Zanmai). I love discovering new, healthy products and am constantly looking for nutritious snacks. My passion for nutrition runs parallel to a passion for fitness; I think that healthy food fuels great workouts. I grew up playing soccer, and in college, I played Ultimate Frisbee. I’m a fitness fanatic; although I’m currently rehabbing a torn ACL, MCL and meniscus, I usually run, bike, swim, snowboard, hike, and regularly go to the gym.

I am an intern and contributor at Essential Nutrition For You with Rania Batayneh, MPH and also blog for her iPhone app (launching in Fall 2011) Food Logs and Feedback. Rania has been named the #1 nutritionist to follow on Twitter and has appeared in Shape and Glamour; apart from that, she has given me countless opportunities to further my career  in the nutrition and dietetics field.

My Food Philosophy

I believe that food should be a source of fuel – energizing you for school, work, a workout – but it should, and can, also taste delicious. Healthy food can taste great without added fats, salt, and artificial sweeteners. A diet isn’t something you go on for a couple weeks to drop a few (or a lot) of pounds; your diet is how you eat day in and day out, for your whole life. The way you eat should be sustainable, which is why I’m not a fan of quick fixes and cleanses. In my future career, I’d like to help people permanently change the way they think about food and help them tackle their individual challenges when it comes to heating healthfully.

Three Apples A Day focuses on the functional properties of food and explaining which nutrients can do what for your health and wellness, as well as delicious recipes and meal ideas.


7 responses to “About Me

  1. Just wanted to let you know that it is great to see a young college age woman out there, who is not only interested in the same things as me, but very aware of creating and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Thank you, I will be following daily!

  2. Kate, what a wonderful site here, with great information!
    Kathy Cone (we met at your grandmother’s memorial this summer–I’m the ‘babysitter’!) I will send this on to people. Good for you!!

  3. Cool info! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m known for fueling a 50-mile bike ride with a footlong Subway sandwich. Try driving that far on $5 worth of gasoline.

  5. I love your blog! I just read through everything for the past few hours. A lot of it is information I’ve researched already (I’m a nutrition “nerd” as well haha) but I did find some new information, which is often rare for me when I come to nutritional blogs! Thank you for sharing your insight and great information; I can tell this is not just “hokey” stuff, you know what you are talking about. Thanks again and I will be following! 🙂

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