Red Light, Green Light: The Best and Worst Picks for Dining Out

When you dine out, sometimes you just want to hit a new Thai restaurant, or the tried-and-true burger joint, or the Italian eatery right down the street – instead of that organic, raw, macrobiotic restaurant that is undeniably healthy. Eating out is a treat, and it can (and should) be a part of a healthy diet. Follow this “stoplight” cheat sheet to learn how to order yummy food without breaking the calorie or trans fat bank. The red light means stop: this dish is one of the least healthy in the restaurant, and you can probably find a healthier but equally tasty meal. The yellow light means approach with caution: this isn’t the healthiest choice on the menu, but you can splurge on it from time to time. And of course, the green light means go right ahead: this dish is balanced with protein, vegetables, and whole grain carbs (and it’s more filling than a cup of soup or a bowl of edamame!).

Check out the first guide, featuring Italian, All-American, Mexican, Chinese, and Mediterranean here and the second guide, featuring Japanese, French, Thai and Indian here at Food Logs and Feedback.


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